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Course 2

Lesson 1

Silhouette Intro
15 Minutes

Silhouette FX Tutorial consists of only a single online tutorial which has a duration of more than 12+ hours. This comprehensive training gives you every detail of this application which includes the basic to most advanced level. This tutorial starts with the introduction to the GUI of the silhouette. And later you will learn many features like roto node, tracking techniques, color render, motion blur, masking, etc.

Chapter 1
20 minutes

Silhouette FX is a visual effect software developed by Silhouette FX LLC in 2005. The first version of the software was started as a rotoscoping tool for the VFX industry. But later this software upgraded onto a visual effect pack which features painting, keying, and tracking. A total of 7 versions are released to date and the final version was released in July 2018. With the release of version 5, the software adds some new features like tracking, image rendering, 2D to 3D conversion, etc. 

Silhouette FX is available in different operating systems like Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. This software is used for making VFX scenes of many famous Hollywood movies. Some of them are Avatar, Avengers (Age of Ultron), Infinity war, Beauty and the Beast, Ben Hur, Guardians of the Galaxy, Fantastic Four, etc. Hundreds of such movies were made using Silhouette FX. 

This software has many features that help VFX artists to make their product more realistic and attractive. It allows importing a large number of file formats and also it operates through a printer for print and cut technology. Also, it has other feature like text can be manipulated through word and letter wrap and provides letter-spacing control and alignment justification. It also has a freehand drawing tool that helps to draw the image or resize the image to exact dimensions.

Assignment 1
Lesson 1 - Quiz
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Lesson 2

Lesson 3

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Course 2
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