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Complete WordPress Course for Beginners

In this WordPress tutorial, you’ll learn everything you need to know about how to get started on building a WordPress website for your business, from setting up your domain all the way to making your website both functional and beautiful.

Who is this for?

  • WordPress Marketers
  • Website Managers
  • Digital Marketers

What you’ll learn:

  • Set up your website with a domain name, hosting, and SSL.
  • Learn about the frontend and backend of a WordPress website, how to install WordPress plugins and themes, and the tips needed for building and maintaining a WordPress website.
  • Build a website from the ground up using Elementor’s free tools.

Starting Course

WordPress Benefits & Features
Video Lesson
30 mins
Zoom Video Conferencing
1 hour
WordPress quiz
6 questions

Complete the following quiz

After Intro

Pages are static, they are not listed by date, and they don’t use tags or categories. They are permanent and timeless (unless you delete them).

Posts are entries listed in reverse chronological order (the latest appears first). The exception is sticky posts that you can create if you want them to appear at the top.
Yes, your website is safe on WordPress but you should keep your WordPress up to date to avoid hacking.
One of the very useful WordPress features is its inbuilt SEO search engine as well as additional plugins that are great for SEO and ranking on search engines.

No....WordPress will only load the active plugins and if there are any deactivated plugins preset, it will be the same as if they weren’t there.

WordPress Introduction

— 15 August 2021

  1. WordPress provides the most amazing way of creating websites and blogs. More than 34% of the websites are built using WordPress.
  2. So, it can be said that this popular content management system is famous for developing blogging sites and websites.
  3. Today, WordPress has proudly brought the most supportive and useful blogging community on the web.
  4. Thousands of sites (news, updates, resources, training, tutorials— the list is endless) exists which inherit and make use of WordPress.
  5. In this chapter, you will learn about the primary purpose of WordPress and its types and features.

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Complete WordPress Course for Beginners
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